What past clients are saying about Emily Goodstein Photography...

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have done us an incredible service by helping us to preserve not only what these moments look like, but what they feel like."

"When people ask 'why birth photography?' I say that truly the greatest gift of the experience is knowing that your partner can be fully present with you and not fussing with a camera to make sure the most important moments are documented. And with Emily, you know that you will have so many treasured images from those moments. Her heart is in every frame she gives back to you."

"Giving birth has been the single most empowering, positive, life-altering, beautiful experience of my life. Of course I would want it captured in photographs. And how beautiful they turned out to be. It is obvious from Emily's photographs that she treasures babies, mommies, and families and is in awe of the birth process. I cannot recommend her enough."

"I found Emily on a Google search and our recall being more impressed than expected after our first phone conversation, given that I knew she was not a mother herself. I had some reluctance considering a birth photographer who had not experienced labor and birth firsthand. My phone conversation with Emily quickly diminished that hesitation, and I found myself not only impressed with her charisma but also her passion for 'telling the birth story' of welcoming new life into the world. "

"After spending all of 30 seconds with Emily at a coffee shop, I knew for certain I wanted her to be 'our photographer.' I was determined on a positive birth experience and I knew her presence would in no way hinder that. Without a doubt, if our family expands, I will be calling Emily again!"

"Emily's personality is larger than life, but there is no one who is better at putting herself respectfully at a distance to allow you to be fully emotional without feeling any intrusion. Her respect for the entire spectrum of the birth story makes everyone feel comfortable, empowered, and totally at ease. I wouldn't trust the moments with anyone but Emily!"

"I was so grateful to have Emily at my birth. She was a calm, positive, supportive, and fun presence throughout the day. She had the perfect balance of professionalism and giddiness. Having her there to photograph my birth made the day feel even more special and sacred. I treasure the photos she took. They help me to remember all of the little things about the day and bring back so many emotions."

"Working with Emily Goodstein Photography is one of the best decisions we made for our birthing experience. From interacting with our family, to capturing the most incredible moment of our lives, Emily was perfect. She worked seamlessly with the medical staff, took every detail into consideration and beautifully captured not only the story, but the intense emotions of pure joy we experienced. I will forever be grateful for her work and thankful that we chose her."

"We've used the images in our birth announcement, our home, an album we look through often, and gave them as gifts for those who were there the night our son was born. We only hope that if we are blessed with a second child, Emily is available because there is no one else I would trust to be beside me photographing the experience."

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